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Our group works on organic semiconductors and related nanostructures. Experimental facilities include those for processing and characterisation of organic semiconductors devices as well as for fabrication and investigation of organic semicon ductors nanostructures by means of a home-built scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM). Additional, shared research facilities accessible by the group within the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) include a fully equipped clean room, access to a focused-ion-beam (FIB), 3 scanning probe set-ups (AFM/STM), electron-beam and optical lithography. The group is also active in international collaborations with Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Japan. Some of these interactions are also funded by a recently funded Marie-Curie Research Training Network dedicated to the development of threaded molecular wires (THREADMILL) and by the Self-Organised Nanostructures II - SONS2 initiative of the European Science Foundation (ESF), that is supporting the SUPRAMATES (SUPRAmolecular MATerials for new functional StructurES) project.

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Last updated 2 October, 2013


Paper (9 Sep. 2015) The paper "Inorganic caesium lead iodide perovskite solar cells", whose authors include Giuseppe Paternò, Andrea Zampetti and Franco Cacialli, has been published online by the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

New Members (8 Sep. 2015)
We are delighted to welcome three new Early Stage Researchers to the group: Giulia Lucarelli and Francesco Silvestri to work on the OSNIRO project and Tecla Arcidiacono to work on the SYNCHRONICS project.

Poster Prize (4 Jun. 2015)
Giuseppe Paternò has been awarded the poster prize at the 2015 UK Neutron and Muon Users Meeting, held at Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire on 19-21 May.

Paper (5 May 2015)
Giulia Tregnago's paper "Low-temperature fluorescence of solvent-free PCBM single-crystals" has been accepted by the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Paper (17 Mar. 2015)
The paper "Wavelength-Multiplexed Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes: towards 55 Mb/s Organic Visible Light Communications", whose authors include Francesco Bausi and Franco Cacialli, has been accepted by the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications.

PhD Viva (13 Mar. 2015)
Congratulations to Giulia Tregnago on passing her PhD viva.

Vacancies (12 Mar. 2015)
Three vacancies for Early Stage Researchers in the SYNCHRONICS project are now being advertised. The closing date for applications is March 24th; full details in this document.

Award (12 Mar. 2015)
Professor Franco Cacialli has been awarded a Wolfson Research Merit Award by the Royal Society..

Book chapter (06 Mar. 2015)
Chapter 15, "Hybrid-organic photonic structures for light emission modification", in the forthcoming "Organic and Hybrid Photonic Crystals", to be published by Springer in June, has been authored by Francesco di Stasio, Valentina Robbiano and Franco Cacialli. More details here.

Paper (27 Feb. 2015)
Giulia Tregnago's paper "Thia- and selena-diazole containing polymers for near-infrared light-emitting diodes" has been published online by the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

Paper (05 Feb. 2015)
Penglei Li's paper "Luminescent Properties of a Water-Soluble Conjugated Polymer Incorporating Graphene-Oxide Quantum Dots" has been published online by ChemPhysChem.

Paper (22 Jan. 2015)
Francesco Bausi's paper "Thermal treatment and chemical doping of semi-transparent graphene films" has been published by Organic Electronics.

Paper (08 Dec. 2014)
The paper "Analysis of Sprayed Carbon Nanotube Films on Rigid and Flexible Substrates" co-authored by Valentina Robbiano and Luca Santarelli has been published in the Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology.

PhD Viva (23 Oct. 2014)
Congratulations to Nico Seidler on passing his PhD viva.

Paper (10 Oct. 2014)
Giulia Tregnago's paper "Virtually pure near-infrared electro- luminescence from exciplexes at polyfluorene/hexaazatrinaphthylene interfaces" has been published by Applied Physics Letters.

New Projects (15 Sep. 2014)
We are delighted to announce that our proposal for an MSC action titled "SupramolecularlY eNgineered arCHitectures for optoelectRonics and photONICS: a multi-site initial training action (SYNCHRONICS)" has been evaluated positively (95.4% score) and we have now been invited to negotiation and grant agreement preparation as coordinators. We expect to be able to hire three new early-stage-researchers to start after 1/1/2015.

New Projects (15 Sep. 2014)
We are also pleased to announce that our proposal for an MSC action titled "Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials (iSwitch)" (coordinated by P Samorí at Strasbourg) has also been invited to negotiation. We expect to be able to hire one new early-stage-researcher to start after 1/1/2015 within this project.

New Member (17 Jul. 2014)
We are delighted to welcome Professor Mariagrazia Graziano from the "Politecnico di Torino", who will be joining our group for 2 years from 1st October 2014 as a Marie-Curie Senior Intra-European Fellow (MC-IEF) to work on a project on molecular quantum dot cellular automata.

New Member (17 Jul. 2014)
We are delighted to welcome Professor Tiziana Fiore from the University of Palermo, who will spend her sabbatical year in our group, starting on the 1st of October 2014.

New Member (7 Jul. 2014)
We are delighted to welcome Shimpei Goto, who joins us from the Japan Patent Office to spend 1 year in the group.

2014 Young Researcher Award (7 Jul. 2014)
Congratulations to Francesco di Stasio for winning the 2014 Young Researcher Award (Physical Sciences and Engineering section) jointly awarded by the Association of Italian Scientists in the UK (AIS-UK) and the Italian Embassy in London.

Poster Prize (28 Apr. 2014)
Giuseppe Paternò has been awarded the poster prize at the UK Neutron and Muon User Meeting, held in Warwick on 10-11 April.

Editor (09 Jan. 2014)
Professor Franco Cacialli has joined the Editorial Board of "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology", an Open Access journal published by INTECH.

Plenary Speaker (07 Nov. 2013)
Professor Franco Cacialli will be giving the plenary lecture at the Italian Crystal Growth 2013 conference in Parma at 10.00 a.m. on Thursday 14th November, entitled "The power of intermolecular interactions in organic semiconductors: from threaded molecular wires to PCBM single crystals".

Paper (24 Oct. 2013)
Francesco di Stasio's paper "Fluorescent polystyrene photonic crystals self-assembled with water-soluble conjugated polyrotaxanes" has been published online by Applied Physics Letters Materials.

Paper (09 Oct. 2013)
Nico Seidler's paper "Enhanced crystallinity and film retention of P3HT thin-films for efficient organic solar cells by use of preformed nanofibers in solution" has been published online by the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

Poster Prize (09 Sep. 2013)
Congratulations to Valentina Robbiano, who won the prize for the best poster presentation in the Science and Engineering of Molecular Electronic Materials at the 12th European Conference on Molecular Electronics.

Paper (06 Sep. 2013)
Oliver Fenwick's paper "Efficient red electroluminescence from diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymerised with a polyfluorene" has been published online by Applied Physics Letters Materials.

Cover Image (30 Aug. 2013)
Giuseppe Paternò's recent paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C has been selected for the inside cover page of the September 28 issue.

New Early Stage Researcher (28 Aug. 2013)
Luca Santarelli has joined the group.

New Postdoc (03 Jul. 2013)
Dr. Keith Fraser has joined the group.

Paper (03 Jul. 2013)
Giuseppe Paternò's paper "Micro-focused X-Ray Diffraction Characterization of High-quality [6,6]-Phenyl C61 Butyric acid Methyl Ester Single Crystals Without Solvent Impurities" has been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

PhD Viva (05 Feb. 2013)
Congratulations to Marten Tolk for successfully passing his viva!

PhD Viva (10 Dec. 2012)
Congratulations to Charlotte Fléchon for successfully passing her viva!

Marshall Stoneham Prize 2012 (Nov. 2012)
Congratulations to our former group member Francesco Di Stasio for winning the Marshall Stoneham Prize for Outstanding Postgraduate Research Physics for a PhD thesis in the area of Condensed Matter Physics titled "Supramolecular architectures: Properties and applications".

Francesco has now moved to CDT where he works to improve the lifetime of fluorescent and phosphorescent polymeric light emitting diodes and aid the development of new materials, deposition methods and device structures with better performance.

PhD Viva (07 Sep. 2012)
Congratulations to Penglei Li for successfully passing his viva!

The 2012 Superior Summer School
The "Nanoscale Engineering and Fabrication of (Opto)Electronic Devices" summer school will focus on the nanofabrication, engineering and characterisation of nanoelectronic materials and interfaces. UCL, September 12-14 2012.

PhD Viva (21 May 2012)
Congratulations to Francesco Di Stasio and Yong Sig Shin for successfully passing their viva!

New book published
The book entitled Functional Supramolecular Architectures for Organic Electronics and Nanotechnology, edited by Paolo Samorí and Franco Cacialli and printed by Wiley-VCH, has been published! It is reviewed here.

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