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Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Ché Gannarelli

Rohan Chadwick

Our dear friend Rohan Chadwick was a victom of the M25 crash on May 7th 2007. This photograph was taken on May 12th, and shows a rowan tree, planted in commemoration of Rohan's birth in 1979, in the garden of the house of his birth.

I am a post-doctoral researcher, working with Professor Andrew Fisher on a theoretical study of very long-lived [1] collective excitations in the disordered magnet LiHoxY1-xF4. These excitations consist of coherent oscillator-like states comprising perhaps some 102 spins, and lasting for some tens of seconds. Apparant observations of entanglement between these oscillator states [2] have brought this material to the attention of researchers in the field of quantum computing. We will also be collaborating closely with an experimental project using confocal optical microscopy to study quantum tunnelling of domain walls [3].

Additionally, I have recently completed an NERC-funded PhD, working on the application of ab initio electronic structure techniques to the thermodynamic and elastic properties of the Earth's inner core. Details of my work, with papers I have written and conference talks I have given are available here, or by following the link below. This page will be updated with details of my present research when possible.

[1] Ghosh et al., Science, 296;  2195 (2002)
[2] Ghosh et al., Nature, 425;  48 (2003)
[3] Brooke, Rosenbaum and Aeppli, Nature, 413;  610 (2001)

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