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 Professor Marshall Stoneham, FRS, 
 Centre for Materials Research, 
 Department of Physics and Astronomy,
 University College London, 
 Gower Street, 
 London WC1E 6BT 
 Tel: +44 (0) 20 7679 1377 
 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7679 1360 

As Emeritus (previously Massey) Professor of Physics at UCL,  Director of the Centre for Materials Research (CMR), and a member of the LCN (London Centre for Nanotechnology, a joint UCL/Imperial venture), my areas of study are wide-ranging, and reflect the research philosophy of the LCN and the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics group. Within CMMP, a conscious effort has been made to avoid the fragmentation into sub-groups typical of many research departments, as can be seen by the varied collaborations of co-workers involved in current projects. Within the department, I supervise two PhD students, Phil Taylor (working on diamond) and Jenny Brookes (whose project concerns molecule-receptor interactions, and especially olfaction). The major project for which I am Principle Investigator is Putting the Quantum into Information Technology, a £3.7M RCUK Basic Technology project. In addition, I am a part of the Cambridge/UCL/Bristol Interdisciplinary Reesearch Collaboration in Nanotechnology, and three Materials Modelling Initiative projects (a) Meeting the Materials Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics; (b) Structural Modelling of the Biological Interface with Materials; (c) The next frontier in quantum modelling of materials: Modelling non-adiabatic processes with correlated electron-ion dynamics).

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