Germanium Dioxide


Crystal: GeO2

Structure: Rutile, also trigonal form




Cohesive energy:


Lattice parameter:





Stiffness constants: in 1011 dynes/cm2, at room temperature


c11: see Ref.1



Poisson ratio:

Compressibility (in 1011 dynes/cm2):


Debye temperature: K

Melting temperature: C

Neel temperature: K


Phonon spectrum discussed by:

M.E. Striefler, G.R. Barsch, Electronic, optic, and dielectric properties and their pressure derivatives of Rutile-structure oxides in a modified rigid ion approximation, Phys. Stat.S ol. 67, 143 (1975)


Transverse optic phonon T0 (k=0): cm-1 see Ref.2

Longitude optic phonon L0 (k=0): cm-1


Gruneissen constant:

Ratio e*/e:


Photoelastic constants:






See for information:

S.T. Pantelides, W.A. Harrison, Electronic structure, spectra, and properties of 4:2-SiO2 and GeO2, Phys. Rev. B13, 2667 (1976)


Band gap:

direct: eV.

indirect: eV.


Gap: eV.

First exciton: eV.


Static dielectric constant: //=12.2 and ^ =14.5 (Ref.2 & 3)

Optic dielectric constant: //=4.4 and ^ =4.1


Electron mobility:

Hole mobility:

Polaron coupling constant: a = ( for m*=1 )

Effective mass: conduction band:

valence band:


Electron affinity: ( in eV., from bottom of conduction band under vacuum)


Spin-orbit coupling: ( valence band)


Cation polarisation: Å-3

Anion polarisation: Å-3





1. Wang, J. Geophys. Res. 78, 1262 (1973)


2. D.M. Roessler, W.A. Albers, IR reflectance of single crystal tetragonal GeO2, J. Phys. Chem. Soc. 33, 293 (1972)


3. See phonon spectrum