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A CMMP research student loading a semiconductor sample into an ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunnelling microscope

A CMMP research student loading a semiconductor sample into an ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunnelling microscope

CMMP Summer Research for Undergraduate Students

Every year the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP) group creates opportunities for undergraduate students to get hands-on research experience.  The projects cover experimental, theoretical, and computational research, reflecting the broad activities of the CMMP group.

The placements are intended for undergraduate students interested in continuing to masters and PhD research positions in condensed matter physics.  The placements are primarily intended for third year students, although second year students may be considered in exceptional circumstances.  In all cases, the student must have an excellent record of achievement in their undergraduate studies.

How to Apply

The first step toward gaining a summer research placement within the CMMP group is to identify a potential research supervisor and discuss project opportunities with them.  You can identify a potential supervisor by talking with your lecturers and tutors, and by reading the researcher biographies and research highlights on the following web sites:

You might also take a look at the descriptions of some of the projects here:

You should provide your potential supervisor with your CV, academic transcript, and a brief description of both your research experience and the type of research you would like to do in your summer project. If you are having trouble identifying a project area or supervisor you can alternatively get in touch with the summer research coordinator directly (see email address at bottom of this page), remembering to provide the same information (CV, transcript, etc.) in your email.

Once you have agreed on a research project with a potential supervisor you can apply for funding via one of the schemes described below.

Funding Opportunities for Research at UCL


Vacation bursaries from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are the primary source of funding for summer students in CMMP at UCL.  These bursaries provide a stipend for the student of around £250 per week, and are typically for 10 weeks (not less than 6 weeks). Note that these bursaries are competitive and are open to other groups and departments at UCL in addition to CMMP.

To be eligible, the student must be enrolled on a UCL undergraduate degree.  Applications have to be made by the supervisor on behalf of the student before the end of March, and the outcome is typically announced before the second week of May. 

How to apply: Details can be found on the MAPS Faculty website
Deadline: 29th April 2015

CMMP scholarships

The CMMP group has funding to support two students in summer research projects, which will be awarded to outstanding students going into the final year of their undergraduate studies. The amount awarded is similar to that offered by the EPSRC vacation bursary scheme (see above).  Applications to this programme will be considered only after the outcomes of the EPSRC scheme are known (mid May).  These scholarships are open to UCL and non-UCL students.

How to apply:Please e-mail your CV, academic transcript, and a brief description of both your research experience and the type of research you would like to do in your summer project to the CMMP summer research coordinator (see email address at bottom of this page).
Deadline: 16 April 2015

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The RSC offers research bursaries for 6-8 week summer research projects for undergraduate students in the middle years of their course (i.e., not first or final year).  The research should have a strong emphasis on chemical research.  The bursary is worth £190 per week.

How to apply: RSC Undergraduate Summer Research Bursaries

Deadline: 5pm, 22 February 2015

Funding Opportunities for Research not at UCL

In addition to the above opportunities for research projects based at UCL there exist a number of opportunities at other institutions.  Some of these are summarised below.

Diamond Light Source

Diamond Light Source runs an annual programme of undergraduate research placements, suitable for penultimate year students. There are typically a wide range of projects available covering topics in physical sciences, computing, and structural biology. 

How to apply: Diamond Light Source Placements.
Deadline:  6 February 2015

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Important Information for Project Supervisors

All potential supervisors of summer research students at UCL should read the following important information concerning the UCL policy for Internships, Work Experience & Volunteering, which can be found here: www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/internships.php.

CMMP Summer Research Programme Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the CMMP summer research projects or any of the information on this web site then please send an email to Dr Steven Schofield at summer_projects.cmmp[at]ucl.ac.uk.

For general enquiries about CMMP, please contact Claire Jordan (c.jordan [at] ucl.ac.uk)

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